Wars, wars and rumors of wars!

School yard fights are the stuff of epic battles

… between the forces of good and evil.  Curiously, the ‘black hats’ and the ‘white hats’ were easily spotted. At that age we were all a very unsophisticated  rogues, our intention to fight was always part of the rite of passage.  Win or lose, that ritual, that dance, had to happen.

Rumors of an after school fight always spread quicker than crying babies in a nursery. Once the rumor starts it gets a life of it’s own.  You’d be surprised that one such rumored fight I was associated with drew a huge show of support for me even before it started. The girls all advised to not fight, the boys wanted to be my number one, holding my coat and books during the event.  Even my brother heard about the fight and his class was in another building altogether.

Still there were more rumors of fights than ever actually took place. Some kids seemed to like the recognition and status that even the rumors brought to them, you know, as a fighter, willing to stand their ground, someone not to be trifled with.

Childish wars give way to serious ones

… the kind where people we know run off to fight for ‘freedom’ and never come back alive.  The rules of school yard engagement are tossed out and replaced by the world of political hidden agendas.  I think World War II was the last noble war (if there is such a thing), the black hats and white hats were easy to spot.

Many saw World War II as a racist conflict with an effort to clear the world’s table of Jews, but in the final analysis, it was just about one person lusting for things that weren’t his to begin with.

Clowns ARE the left, jokers ARE the right

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Democrats have been responsible for the United States being in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Bosnia, but Republicans have laid at their feet some ugly military involvements too.  Bush 41, gave us Desert Storm.  Bush 43, gave us the longest (though not the bloodiest, that would be the American Civil War) military involvement in our history,  our presence in Afghanistan, with Iraq following close behind; many political pundits do not see a soon exit from any of the current theaters of war.

The United States has injected itself into Afghanistan and Iraq in an effort to root out the ‘bad guys’; now we face the prospect of more military ‘injection’, this time  in Libya.  If you believe our involvement is over in Libya now that the evil Muammar Ghaddafi is dead then you are not paying attention to history.

Eight years of killing folks in other countries

… should give us cause for pause regarding Libya.  An eager Bush administration seeking to expand it’s influence, would have entered Libyan airspace at the first signs of serious local unrest and his political opponents would have screamed foul! Yet, when President Obama appears slow to ‘inject’ he gets called out for his slow response to the freedom movement there, even from within his own party.

So now, we’ve touched another country with our war machine, we’re saving lives by dropping bombs… not sure that really washes but it’s what we’re told.

Democrats like to believe this cause is more noble than those of the last administrations war rationales and want us to weigh in quickly and decisively; suddenly the potential loss of American lives is worth it all in order to dispatch with our arch foe, Col. Ghaddafi.  Republicans, for their part really really really want to join in (I think it’s part of their DNA) but for the sake of politics and giving any appearance of supporting THEIR arch foe, the ‘socialist’ President Obama, they choose to be the voice of caution. NOW the Republicans want clear objectives, timelines and accountability to CongressTalking points never die, they just change sides.

Libya has joined the ranks

… of other African nations with their own (un)civil war. Many call the unrest in the middle east the ‘Arab Spring’.  I’ve listened carefully as the ‘suits’ have all said the new generation of freedom fighters in Libya only want democracy and freedom but many of those fighting to overthrow the Libyan dictator came over from other theaters of war where they fought against the United States.  Clearly many of those same soldiers, anti-West fighters from Afghanistan and Iraq, wear a different political skin while in Libya. It would seem they now covet our military help.  Leaders in the US are rightly cautious about providing arms to this suspect group, we haven’t truly seen what their leaders (many of whom are still behind the scenes) lust for yet. 

Now we discover they want Shari’a law in place and pledge to be a moderate Muslim nation.  More rumors.

So then, if we continue to inject into Libya, why not Yemen or Syria?  I would prefer we exit from all of our military involvements at this point, I have no more wish to hear of young people being killed for another man’s lust for what isn’t his to begin with.  “But wait!”, they say, “We’re fighting for a noble cause, we must stay the course!”  How many times have you heard that our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq to protect our freedoms?  How many times have you heard that our borders are safer for it?  Since going to war with these countries I have lost many of the freedoms I once enjoyed, and am told that if I dispute the value of these new measures (read, the Patriot Act) then I am not a good American.  Nothing more than a rumor I say, this presumption our involvement is for noble reasons.

Show me an army big enough to invade us and I’ll show you an America willing to defend itself at all costs.

Winning the war over there but losing the one at home

And what of the drug war raging at our doorstep on the US-Mexican border? Maybe when the killing is actually closer to home both conservatives and liberals will come together in a decisive manner and learn how to end a war quickly. But that’s just a rumor too.

Thanks for reading this far.



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