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Kitty Hawk
No need for crowd control

Witnessing history is not something one should do casually, although that is precisely what happens more times than not.  For instance, the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, I wonder how few were actually in attendance on the beach that day to see that moment in time.  Another, the first successful phone call by Alexander Graham Bell, prior to cell phones and the internet it was the single most influential advancement effecting communication.  Who could argue the sweeping changes in civilization because of Thomas Edison and the light bulb.  As an aside, did you know that Edison bought the famous light bulb patent from a Canadian?  Were you also aware that Bell was Canadian too?

Would Bell approve?

Cause and effect, that’s what we’re really discussing today.  For example, have you ever wondered where the first yawn happened and by whom?  It’s lost for all time, but wouldn’t you like to know whom it was the cursed humanity with the first yawn? When I see a person yawn, I start to yawn too.  And if I’m being fair, my yawn yields the same result in someone else that had the unfortunate glance in my direction as I did, thus starting a cascading effect on untold people. It’s a silly cause and effect analysis I suppose but you also get the point don’t you?  Some actions ripple beyond what we ever expected from them.

I have often marveled at the significance of the proverbial “last straw” dynamic that occurs in historical events.  Consider for a moment, what was the final event for Egypt or Rome, the last straw to set in motion it’s eventual demise.  It could have been something as obvious as a political decision or as obscure as an attitude change in one person that started the dominoes to cascade out of control.  It doesn’t really matter that the process took  centuries to fully run it’s course, it’s that it happened.

The United States was recently humiliated by a historical lowering of it’s global credit rating.  Presumed to be the strongest, successful, most free country in the world by most of it’s citizen, the rating agency that publishes a country’s credit worthiness determined the US was no longer as safe as it once was in financial terms.

The US has always maintained a AAA rating since the ratings system began, likely taking it for granted that it would always be so.  It’s not as if our government didn’t have a chance to change it’s fortunes, the country’s debt challenge has been mounting for years.  Historians will write about this event, will it be the last straw to start the down turn of our country to it’s eventual place in folklore?

I hope this isn't too subtle for the US Treasury

In case you missed it, this is history in the making!

Each side of the political aisle really want the same thing, don’t they.  Democrats want us to believe they want to make things right by …

  • raising taxes and …
  • cutting military while
  • not touching all the duplicated and wasteful processes in our bloated government (that would mean they’d have to lay off tens of thousands of their loyal voters).

Oh, almost forgot, they want to

  • increase the national debt and …
  • have rich folks pay for it.

On the other hand Republicans want us to believe they want to turn the ship around by …

  • not touching military budgets
  • not raising taxes and then
  • lay off tens of thousands of government workers while calling it a ‘tough decision’ we all have to make.

Oh, almost forgot, they want to

  • make sure the wealthy get more tax breaks because
  • they actually think the rich folk will spend their ‘personal’ money on hiring more people.
Return the cards
I'll take those back now

When a country refuses to balance their budget (three straight Obama years without a budget at all) and refuses to balance their checkbook (lets just raise the debt ceiling), the keys to this kingdom need to be put into other hands.  Perhaps we should pool our resources and get the US Treasury Department a account, hmmm.

Each side of the political aisle really want the same thing, don’t they… but at what cost to us?

In case you missed it, this is history in the making!

Thanks for reading this far.

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