The President’s League Spring Training has begun

Making pitches, fielding questions

Much like baseball’s annual spring training leagues in Florida and Arizona, the early positioning for Presidential hopefuls has already started. The election isn’t until 2012 and spring training for The President’s League is in full swing.

The ‘games’ are largely held in Iowa and New Hampshire because they are the  “impact states” due to their early primary elections.  This year, it’s mostly the Republicans and a few independent politicians that attend the political spring training since no one in the Democratic party wants to signal a run at the White House this early.  That would be political suicide, to run against your own party’s sitting President.  The 2008 President’s League was far more interesting due to the wide participation by all parties.  We hope that President Obama will have some strong challenges from within his own party too, competition is good for what is at stake.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this year’s President’s League, it’s important to know who is attending, what they are saying, and who ISN’T attending and why.  Remember, our stand is to remove all incumbents from office until we have a fresh, uncompromised congress to count on.

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