The Census – What Sense to Us does it make?

The Magnificent Eagle

I recall during the 2004 election season that many well known Hollywood types would offer sound bites expressing fear, even panic, at the thought of another four years with Bush in the White House. Many declared they’d move out of the country for fear of losing their privacy to the Right Wing Wackos, authors of the Patriot Act.  In 2008, the same garbage was spewed by “the other side” when the thought of living under the liberal tyranny of an Obama administration loomed.  No one has left the country of course, it was all grand standing. Too bad, I don’t think it would be so bad for many of the extremist on both sides of the aisle to depart our borders.  I’m not alone in this thinking either.

We ought never be characterize ourselves as lofty, magnificent creatures like eagles or bears or lions;

No, we are best understood as FROGS!

Just the "body count" details

Toss a frog into hot water and it makes a hasty retreat to cooler places, it instinctively knows you only get boiled if you are on the dinner menu.  Place a frog in a nice cool pot and it’s as happy as any amphibian could ever be, however (and this is a big ‘however’), slowly increase the temperature to the boiling point and the frog will not move to free itself. It would appear that frogs only object to the suddenness of being cooked. Hence, cooking us all over a long period of time and we’re not particularly alarmed.  I think I taste best with lots of spices.

I was sent a link to a YouTube video about the 2010 Census.  It’s a bid disturbing, frankly speaking. Over the past 234 years we’ve been “slow cooked” by an expanding government with a voracious appetite.  This water is feeling a bit to warm to me.

Fast Tube by Casper

I make no secret of the fact I am disenchanted with what has become of our political scene, even to the point of starting this website as a platform to express my angst.  It’s appropriately called Voters Against Incumbents.  I’m not so sure the 2010 Census folks will be happy with me when I turn them away with only the “body count” details of those in my home.  I think that is protected and authorized in our constitution.  The thought that being compelled to disclose more is frightening.  For those of you who truly know me, you know when I say that even under a Republican controlled government I’d be equally afraid, you know I’m being straight and honest. IS NO ONE GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE IN OUR GOVERNMENT?

If I must be a frog, then I am choosing to only remain in the water for brief periods. This way, when I MUST be in the water I’ll know if I’m on the dinner menu.

Thanks for reading AND watching this far.

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