Single Issue Voters or One For All and All for One

The ballot box
The ballot box

I submit to you a list of seemingly random statements and observations.

  • Single issue voters, the political scene is never short of their kind.  Politics is replete with politicians that curry their vote.
  • Politicians conveniently adjust a soft political position to that of a hardliner to gain the advantage of single issue voters just waiting to be heard.
  • Remember when politicians would chair public meetings to discuss the subjects on the minds of their constituents, I don’t.
  • The Pro-Life crowd, all willing to sacrifice their living children for those not yet born
  • The Pro-Abortion (oops, Pro-Choice) activists, defenders of the right to enthusiastically recommend the termination of life.
  • The Pro-Green troops, willing to destroy anything that appears to be a symbol of earth’s destruction.
  • The Pro-Industrialist (oops, Capitalists) who believe they can actually take from all the planet has to offer without some future consequence.
Speech to voters
Speech to voters

American politics is full of extremes, we no longer embrace the more peaceful center which provided a place for everyone to speak their mind.  I come from a conservative background, don’t be hating!  Our kind? We lament the passing of wholesome, religious-centric views, we believe our legacy is one of “right choices” that are the very foundation of the success of our country.  Our self-righteous view willingly believes these illusions

We believe ourselves to be accepting, in Christ-like fashion of people in any condition they find themselves.  Yet, and this is a big “yet”, it took the 60’s to break loose the broader inclusion of our citizens from historically fringe positions.

Curious that a secular movement was needed to really move forward the Christ-like ideal of loving people for who they are first, then discussing how to best fulfill our country’s destiny of being a place of true freedom second.

So here we are some 40 years after that “Inclusion Revolution”, and we’re still struggling with many of the same issues.  The issues are not truly the same, they have evolved, most getting clouded in misdirection from the politicians and the special interest groups.

We’re fully gripped with the mid-term election process.  The Democrats are struggling to provide reasons why voters should send any of them back to government (both state and federal of course) while Republicans have been trying every way possible to hitch their wagon to the populous “Tea Party” movement in an attempt to clean up a sullied, albeit recent, past of spending like drunken sailors.

The most dangerous kind of voter is the “Single Issue” voter.  These are the folks who willingly cast aside sound judgment for their own self-center cause. 

 Single issue voters give us Presidents like Jimmy Carter who easily won the formitable Christian block of voters with his folksie, outspoken views on faith during his election.  They gave us a second Bill Clinton term too.  Clinton, a President that managed to survive impeachement over a sexual encounter that would have cost any other corporate leader his job and bank account.  The women’s movement went to work dismembering years of national retraining regarding sexual harrassment in the workplace to keep their guy (or better, the guy married to Hillary) in office.  Let’s not forget the second Bush election, all made possible by single issue voter’s believing that without him in office the country would be lost to terrorists.

Forget our Presidential election mistakes, how about all of the Senators and Congressmen we sent back merely because they were in “our party”.  Officials caught lying about military records for example, somehow being returned to office for no other reason than their party needed them to “keep the majority” grip on Congress. 

When candidates get sent the message that their opportunistic “extremes” won’t win them elections, I think America will be governed better.  The best way to halt this is to voter against incumbents!

We have a plan, it’s a good one, you should consider it. Just read the About page at “” and you’ll see how simple and rational this strategy is.

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