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Politicians survive the most scandalous situations by merely distancing themselves from the ‘event’. If a politician can weather the early ugliness of certain calls for their resignation (or impeachment) they can start to tell people the ‘event’ has no merit (even though it may be very serious), that it is just a tired old attack from their opponents.

I read this next part in an article I was reading today and it wasn’t even the focus of the piece but it’s what prompted this rant:

“Does anyone remember that the Affordable Care Act was sold on the premise that it would guarantee retention of existing health plans and doctors, create 4 million new jobs and save families $2,500 a year in premiums, all while extending expanded coverage to more people at a lower cost?”    Victor Davis Hanson,

It has become standard operating procedure to skate past the consequences of out right lies and misdeeds by stalling and misdirection. There is no shame in the people we choose as leaders when they have moral or ethical failures.

Would you ever vote for someone with the advanced knowledge they will lie to everyone to get their own programs and policies in place?

Regardless of political affiliations, my question is… when are we going to say ‘no more’?


"... and then the low income guy says to the other low income guy..."

In the recent Republican debate Mitt says Newt is a career politician, Newts comeback is equally true.  He said, “The only reason you didn’t become a career politician is because you lost to Teddy Kennedy in 1994.”   I think intention is as important as an achieved result in most cases and this is one of them.  Newt succeeded where Mitt failed, still both of these pots were calling the other black!  And I believe Mitt would have been very happy to have been a career politician had he won in ’94!

Although I am largely conservative in my politics (definitely not Republican) I cannot see either of these two ‘pots’ winning against a sitting president.  If the Republican base is serious about changing the fortunes of our country why do they keep turning to the tired, duplicitous, fat cat politicos? Read the rest of this entry »


School yard fights are the stuff of epic battles

… between the forces of good and evil.  Curiously, the ‘black hats’ and the ‘white hats’ were easily spotted. At that age we were all a very unsophisticated  rogues, our intention to fight was always part of the rite of passage.  Win or lose, that ritual, that dance, had to happen.

Rumors of an after school fight always spread quicker than crying babies in a nursery. Once the rumor starts it gets a life of it’s own.  You’d be surprised that one such rumored fight I was associated with drew a huge show of support for me even before it started. The girls all advised to not fight, the boys wanted to be my number one, holding my coat and books during the event.  Even my brother heard about the fight and his class was in another building altogether.

Still there were more rumors of fights than ever actually took place. Some kids seemed to like the recognition and status that even the rumors brought to them, you know, as a fighter, willing to stand their ground, someone not to be trifled with. Read the rest of this entry »

Kitty Hawk

No need for crowd control

Witnessing history is not something one should do casually, although that is precisely what happens more times than not.  For instance, the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, I wonder how few were actually in attendance on the beach that day to see that moment in time.  Another, the first successful phone call by Alexander Graham Bell, prior to cell phones and the internet it was the single most influential advancement effecting communication.  Who could argue the sweeping changes in civilization because of Thomas Edison and the light bulb.  As an aside, did you know that Edison bought the famous light bulb patent from a Canadian?  Were you also aware that Bell was Canadian too? Read the rest of this entry »


Making pitches, fielding questions

Much like baseball’s annual spring training leagues in Florida and Arizona, the early positioning for Presidential hopefuls has already started. The election isn’t until 2012 and spring training for The President’s League is in full swing.

The ‘games’ are largely held in Iowa and New Hampshire because they are the  “impact states” due to their early primary elections.  This year, it’s mostly the Republicans and a few independent politicians that attend the political spring training since no one in the Democratic party wants to signal a run at the White House this early.  That would be political suicide, to run against your own party’s sitting President.  The 2008 President’s League was far more interesting due to the wide participation by all parties.  We hope that President Obama will have some strong challenges from within his own party too, competition is good for what is at stake.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this year’s President’s League, it’s important to know who is attending, what they are saying, and who ISN’T attending and why.  Remember, our stand is to remove all incumbents from office until we have a fresh, uncompromised congress to count on.


Most discussions about American history eventually touch on the famous Boston Tea Party.  Few people truly recall that most of the Tea Partiers disguised themselves as Mohawk indians, you know, the ones with one center strip of hair while the rest of the head remained bald.  We laugh at hearing this, it seems so unnecessary, through today’s value system, to conceal ones identify like that. What they did was actually against the laws of the land, all of the hooligans would have surely been put in jail over the affair, had they been caught.  Ironically, we admire them for their convictions, despite the “cloak and dagger” tactics.

By contrast, in our times we look at such stealth actions as highly questionable at best, at worst, worthy of full investigations and prison.  Equally ironic is the apparent fact that the Tea Party movement of today is slowly being cast as a bunch of hooligans, worthy of jail for their misguided movement against taxation.

At what point did it become a bad thing to side with a movement that wants to keep money in your pocket?

Read the rest of this entry »


The Face of Unemployment

Since late December 2008 I have been unemployed for more than 12 month(9.5 months, then again for 2.5 months).  I’ve exhausted savings, extended credit and finally took a job 2000 miles from my family so that I have the best chance to ‘turn the ship around’.  Oh I nearly forgot to mention, I’m a computer programmer with a wonderful resume.

So here I am, a well educated professional with little optimism about where my next contract will come from when the current one concludes; and like far to many Americans, I wonder how we got to this point?

While I carefully rebuild my business I am confronted by how a new congress will move to stabilize a shaky economic recovery and if I can even plan a strategy that will insulate me from their hapless political agendas.

I’m not in favor of tax increases. I believe we have a government that is far too bloated and can easily be cut back.  It’s true, it will be at the expense of ten’s of thousands of government employees, but I’m sure we can figure out a parachute for them considering the billions of dollars we will save as a country.

I’m not in favor of tax increases as a proposed solution to our woes, nor do I think tax cuts will somehow super energize small businesses to start hiring new employees either. The motivation for any business, be it small or large, to hire additional employees is to fill needs brought on by growth in sales. How reckless to suggest a small business should hire more staff without the underlying sales merely because of a small tax cut.

Read the rest of this entry »


Standing Tall

“Put up or shut up”, “Put your money where your mouth is”, “Go big or go home”, “The piper always needs to be paid” or it’s variation “Time to pay the piper” … and now, “Vote your mouth” should be joining the crowded list of cliches on the public landscape.  With all the talk of voting out the hooligans in Congress all the rhetoric stops in the voting both.

As an advocate for change among all political groups I find it refreshing, liberating and a bit lonely to be voting my convictions this season.

If you are wondering, I did not vote for a single incumbent!

For me, the journey to standing tall, albeit alone at times, began when I was 10 years old. It was during my tenth summer that I refused to go with my brother into the near by woods to light up some ill gotten smokes.  Like many kids of my day, we’d swipe our parent’s cigarettes and steal away to a near by wooded area to act  “older than our years” by smoking them.  I was never able to tolerate inhaling the Read the rest of this entry »

The ballot box

The ballot box

I submit to you a list of seemingly random statements and observations.

  • Single issue voters, the political scene is never short of their kind.  Politics is replete with politicians that curry their vote.
  • Politicians conveniently adjust a soft political position to that of a hardliner to gain the advantage of single issue voters just waiting to be heard.
  • Remember when politicians would chair public meetings to discuss the subjects on the minds of their constituents, I don’t.
  • The Pro-Life crowd, all willing to sacrifice their living children for those not yet born
  • The Pro-Abortion (oops, Pro-Choice) activists, defenders of the right to enthusiastically recommend the termination of life.
  • The Pro-Green troops, willing to destroy anything that appears to be a symbol of earth’s destruction.
  • The Pro-Industrialist (oops, Capitalists) who believe they can actually take from all the planet has to offer without some future consequence. Read the rest of this entry »

The Magnificent Eagle

I recall during the 2004 election season that many well known Hollywood types would offer sound bites expressing fear, even panic, at the thought of another four years with Bush in the White House. Many declared they’d move out of the country for fear of losing their privacy to the Right Wing Wackos, authors of the Patriot Act.  In 2008, the same garbage was spewed by “the other side” when the thought of living under the liberal tyranny of an Obama administration loomed.  No one has left the country of course, it was all grand standing. Too bad, I don’t think it would be so bad for many of the extremist on both sides of the aisle to depart our borders.  I’m not alone in this thinking either. Read the rest of this entry »

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